6 Foods You Should Eat To Lose Weight


Hence you can lose weight without putting much effort. Here are the foods that can help you in weight loss: Grapes are rich source of vitamin K and C. One (source) serving of grapes or about 30-40 grapes contains 100 calories and just 0.24 grams of fat.. It is better to munch grapes instead of biscuits or any other high-calorie snacks. Grape seeds are edible and carry loads of antioxidants. Grapes are also recommended for people having heart problems, high blood pressure, constipation and allergies. This south Indian preparation is full of fibre and provides bulk to your diet. A single idli (not the rice but the sooji one) carries just 39 calories and no fat, no saturated fat and no cholesterol. Hence it is an ideal as a snacking options or even for breakfast.
More http://www.indiatimes.com/lifestyle/health-and-fitness/6-foods-you-should-eat-to-lose-weight-128655.html


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